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June 10, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Block Reward Reduction Changeover and v1.3 Update Information

In preparation for the update and changeover, we’ll be asking all exchanges to disable withdrawals and deposits until the update is released and they’ve had a chance to update their exchange wallets.

Here is our timeline:

  1. Exchanges will be placed in maintenance mode, trading should continue with no issues but withdrawals and deposits will be disabled.

  2. The reward reduction changeover will be occuring at 172800 (a little under 6 hours from the time of posting this).

Then one of two things will happen:

3a. Something breaks: We will patch and release the 1.3 update within 12-24 hours.
3b. Everything changes over just fine: We will release the 1.3 update within 12-24 hours.

  1. Once the new release is published, everyone will be requested to update their wallets, pools, exchanges, and masternodes accordingly.

  2. We will give the network approximately 24 hours after release to propagate the majority to the new version.

  3. Once everything looks good and everybody is updated, we’ll open up the exchanges and continue business as normal.

Thank you for your patience!