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News & Updates

Bulwark v1.3.1

Hi everyone, we have released a new wallet version!

This is a mandatory update to Bulwark v1.3.1 that will be removing the SeeSaw system while adding some UI fixes, improvements, and security upgrades.

While the system does work, “Good Enough” does not meet our standards as there are certain stability issues that are preventing the network from running as stable as we’d like it to.

We will instead be adopting a fixed reward system in which Masternodes receive 65% of the Block Reward and PoS receives 35%. This changeover will take place on block 200,000.

Please be sure to update your wallets and masternodes accordingly. We will allow 5-6 days for the majority of the network to update before activating the spork that will enforce this new version.

The new update is available at https://github.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark/releases

Updating Local Wallet:

Close wallet, download new binaries from our GitHub, open wallet with new binaries.

Updating VPS MN:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh )

Updating SHN:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/shn/master/update.sh )

Update VPS Staking Wallet:

bash <( curl https://gist.githubusercontent.com/kewagi/c09e5b4b7bf01f88e5231f2b4ea1b191/raw/042e69c38a722600d440ecc617aa9df6929b5d84/staking-update.sh )

The community as well as ourselves were rather excited for SeeSaw, we do profusely apologize for the quick succession of mandatory updates required for us to remove it and appreciate everyone’s patience and confidence with us.

Thank you all for your support!

Bulwark v1.3.0

We are proud to announce Bulwark v1.3.0!

This is a mandatory update and will provide a number of security fixes, pushing PoS up to block 182700, as well as a brand new qt wallet UI.

The new wallet can be downloaded at https://github.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark/releases

Masternodes will also need to update. Please login to the VPS hosting your masternode and run the following command:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh )

Keep in mind that once you’ve upgraded to v1.3, you still will be connecting to old peers. 96 hours (4 days) from the time of this announcement, we’ll activate the spork that will kick all old peers not on v1.3 off the network.

So everyone has until then to update without risking their wallets or masternode ceasing to function properly.

Block Reward Reduction Changeover and v1.3 Update Information

In preparation for the update and changeover, we’ll be asking all exchanges to disable withdrawals and deposits until the update is released and they’ve had a chance to update their exchange wallets.

Here is our timeline:

  1. Exchanges will be placed in maintenance mode, trading should continue with no issues but withdrawals and deposits will be disabled.

  2. The reward reduction changeover will be occuring at 172800 (a little under 6 hours from the time of posting this).

Then one of two things will happen:

3a. Something breaks: We will patch and release the 1.3 update within 12-24 hours.
3b. Everything changes over just fine: We will release the 1.3 update within 12-24 hours.

  1. Once the new release is published, everyone will be requested to update their wallets, pools, exchanges, and masternodes accordingly.

  2. We will give the network approximately 24 hours after release to propagate the majority to the new version.

  3. Once everything looks good and everybody is updated, we’ll open up the exchanges and continue business as normal.

Thank you for your patience!

Release: The Bulwark Knowledgebase


Over the last few weeks we’ve been gathering all of the documentation and guides for everything Bulwark related. We’ve compiled it for you all in to an easy to use package, the Bulwark Knowledge Base – http://kb.bulwarkcrypto.site/

Going forward, the Knowledgebase will be the home of all of our “How To” guides, documentation, and frequently asked questions, such as:

  • How do I install a masternode?
  • What is SeeSaw?
  • SwiftTX explained

We welcome any feedback or suggestions for topics to cover, we will be expanding the Knowledgebase as Bulwark continues to be developed, starting with any topics you feel we have missed.

Upcoming PoS Schedule: What to Expect

As we get closer to the update, we wanted to give everybody a sense for what is going to be happening over the next few weeks. On block 172800, we will have our quarterly reward decrease. While the best we can do is approximate the date this will happen, it is set to occur 8.37 days from the time of this post, approximately June 9th/10th. We plan on releasing the new wallet update shortly after this occurs.

Once released, everyone will be required to update their wallets as well as their masternodes to the latest version. We will be updating our script so that masternode operators can login to their VPS and copy/paste a single command to update their node. We will then be immediately contacting exchanges and pool operators to update their wallets as well. Should anybody ignore the update, know that your wallet will simply just stop working as we pass over into PoS, so please follow directions.

We’ve tested the PoS changeover over half a dozen times and made a number of improvements to the process to make it as painless and bug free as possible. If all goes well, we should pass over into PoS on block 182700 with no issues. If an issue does arise, we may need to institute a slight rollback along with a new update. Hopefully this won’t be required, it is more of a last resort. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting us so far.

Once we pass over into PoS and do not need to keep a watchful eye out for nicehash attacks on our network, we’ll really be able to ramp up development on the project in the areas we want to improve and work on without having to concern ourselves with network maintenance as much.

The Bulwark Secure Home Node


Bulwark is excited to launch the Secure Home Node, a turn-key solution for securely hosting masternodes on your home network. The Secure Home Node routes traffic over The Onion Router (TOR) to provide a high level of anonymity and security to node operators.

This exciting project makes operating a Bulwark masternode accessible to every level of user and helps serve our mission of expanding Bulwark’s reach and market penetration. Reflecting our focus on the space and a desire to meaningfully contribute, we are offering a series of 100 robustly equipped Secure Home Nodes for sale. 10 numbered kits will be auctioned, 90 kits will be sold via the website.

True to the Bulwark Project’s goals, the Secure Home Node is entirely Open Source. From the Raspbian OS that it’s built on and all the scripting and software used to route all of the Home Nodes traffic over the TOR Network, all of the software involved will be freely available for you to download on our Official Github under the MIT license if you do not want to buy a kit.

Buy Now!Already own a RaspberryPi 3?

Read more

Development Update: Masternode Installer Script

We added some further improvements to the masternode installer that we wanted to let you know about. Here’s the changelog:

  • We understand that some 1GB VPS come with slightly less than a full gigabyte of RAM, so we relaxed the memory requirements a bit. Please note that the installer will not work on 512MB VPS, but anything above that should be fine now.
  • Normal mode installation will now be more straightforward and assume some settings for you.
  • Since our blockchain is growing, some users ran into the problem that by the time their node was fully synced, the activation message from their wallet had timed out and the node failed to start. This shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • The installer now comes with advanced command line parameters for power users who want to script the installation. More information about this can be found in the README.

If you have any questions, just let us know!


Development Update: May 14, 2018

*Bangs Keyboard*


Hey everyone, we just wanted to touch base on Bulwark’s development updates. Going forward we will be adding them to the blog so as much of our community as possible has access to them. This will be the first of many so be on the lookout for them! We have many exciting things in the pipeline and we will be sharing them as they come along! As most of you know, we will be moving to proof-of-stake soon and our developers are busy with the network and trying our hardest to break the testnet. We will have a mandatory wallet update very soon and will be announcing it accordingly.

The topics of discussion in this update will be the Bulwark Wallet, Bulwark Dashboard, Bulwark Explorer, Bulwark Documentation Portal, and the Website in no particular order. If you have any question, comments, or concerns we would love to hear them!

Join our discord ( https://discord.me/bulwarkcrypto )to live chat with the developers any time!

Thank you!


Bulwark Wallet

  • Start redesigning core wallet UI (QT Widgets)
  • Add additional buttons such as “Enable Staking”
  • Fix Multisend Dialogues
  • Fix Missing Icons

Bulwark Dashboard

Frontend Stack: React, Golang, Webpack, Yarn

  • Created Golang RPC
  • Connect and pull Bulwark RPC information
  • Initial commits and backend
  • Redesign with IBM Carbon UI & Bulwark mods

Bulwark Explorer

  • Added get masternode by address hash for API.
  • Improved Performance by removing duplicate shadows
  • Decreased line tension on statistics graphs
  • Fixed value issue with masternode graph

Bulwark Documentation Portal

Frontend Stack: NPM, Bootstrap, Jekyll, Webpack

  • Style Components based on bootstrap material guidelines
  • Add starting layout
  • Adding Initial documentation


  • Start work on storefront in preperation for Home Node sales
  • Construct payment Gateway for Bulwark payments
  • Added New Roadmap Items
  • Added New landing Hero (3d, neat)
  • Images and some files are now served through WPs CDN
  • Fixed a few style bugs Further Optimisations of delivery (e.g. condense requests to google servers into one string)
  • Added twitter feed to footer
  • Reduced size of pages
  • Added Initial T&C page, subject to change


  • Trialling new developers

eMixologies Welcomes Bulwark as a Payment Option

Merchant adoption is something almost every cryptocurrency puts on their roadmap. For Bulwark, it is something that we expected of ourselves but never quite put a time frame on. Last week, we were browsing Reddit and found a post from an online vape shop named eMixologies.

It told the story of a family that had smoked for most of their lives and, after the owner finally made the switch to vaping, convinced the rest of their family to give it a try. None of them have integrationtouched cigarettes since.

This story resonated with us considering the majority of the Bulwark team are also former smokers turned vapers. We immediately went to show our support for their accepting of cryptocurrency with a sizeable order. Once ordered, the owner and the Bulwark Team got to talking. After discussing the importance of crypto adoption, we offered to have him research the Bulwark project and community. After doing his research, he was so impressed that he happily included Bulwark (the only microcap coin on the list, we might add) as a payment option for all hardware and fantastic juices they have available.

If this is something you’re interested in, we highly suggest you head on over to https://www.emixologies.com/, browse their selection, and select Bulwark as your payment option.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Once on the website, click the red button at the bottom right of the page to enjoy an immediate 10% discount.
  • Emixologies ships internationally for free on all orders above $160 CAD

We welcome the eMixologies team in supporting Bulwark and hope the Bulwark community can show them the support they deserve for being one of the first vape supply companies to widely accept cryptocurrency as payment!

Release: Bulwark Block Explorer


When Bulwark first launched, we utilized an open source block explorer that had given us a multitude of issues which lead to the explorer crashing frequently. After many nights attempting to debug and otherwise fix this explorer, we decided we were spending far too much time and attention towards fixing this. Our solution? Make our own block explorer so we could include all the accessibility and stability we needed with an aesthetically pleasing design we wanted. Thanks to the Bulwark community, we were able to successfully test and rework this block explorer in the beta phase into it’s finalized product. This block explorer is open source. Any other cryptocurrency project is welcome to fork and use it for their project. As with anything, all we ask is that proper attributions and open source laws are adhered to.

It is now online at explorer.bulwarkcrypto.com
View the source on GitHub


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