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December 2, 2017 Bulwark Crypto

Bulwark Mining Guide

In this post I’m going to be showing you how to start mining Bulwark on a pool whether it’s with AMD or Nvidia GPU’s. Several options are linked in the announcement on the BitcoinTalk forums. Link to ANN


Step 1: Download and extract SGMiner 5.6.1 You could use any SGMiner fork with a NIST5 or Talkcoin-mod kernel, but the included Talkcoin-mod kernel in this fork provided the best hashrate in my testing, as well as the easiest setup.

Step 2: Download, extract, and run the Bulwark QT wallet.

Step 3: Open the wallet, choose a location for the chain data files (i usually make a file for it alongside my wallet) allow it to sync for a little bit, then go to the “Receiving addresses tab”

Step 4: Click the “request payment” button on the receive tab to generate a Bulwark address.

Step 5: Now we create the Start file. Go to the extracted file, create a new text document. Paste in the following;

ccminer-x64 -a nist5 -o pool url:port -u username.workername -p password

This is the standard CCMiner .bat. There are more options you can play with in the
Readme file of CCMiner, but this is the basic framework you will want to follow to start with.

Step 6: Now we input all relevant information into the text document. Pool URL, your wallet address, and username/workername, password

Step 7: Save the text document as a .bat file and close it.

Step 8: Click on the .bat to initialize the miner, give it a moment to connect to the pool, and you’re mining!

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