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April 17, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Bulwark Update 1.2.4 is Live!


Changelog 1.2.4

  • The DNS Seeders have been fixed, it is no longer necessary to add nodes to your bulwark.conf file
  • Hard coded seeds have been replaced with more reliable seeds
  • Onion nodes have been included in the list of seeds for a future update

For Wallets:

Download new 1.2.4 binaries. Shut down Bulwark wallet. Launch with the new qt.

For Masternode Operators:

You can update your nodes with the following command in their VPS:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh )

This update is not mandatory but will strengthen the network and help us proceed with further testing.