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June 11, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Bulwark v1.3.0

We are proud to announce Bulwark v1.3.0!

This is a mandatory update and will provide a number of security fixes, pushing PoS up to block 182700, as well as a brand new qt wallet UI.

The new wallet can be downloaded at https://github.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark/releases

Masternodes will also need to update. Please login to the VPS hosting your masternode and run the following command:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh )

Keep in mind that once you’ve upgraded to v1.3, you still will be connecting to old peers. 96 hours (4 days) from the time of this announcement, we’ll activate the spork that will kick all old peers not on v1.3 off the network.

So everyone has until then to update without risking their wallets or masternode ceasing to function properly.

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