November 26, 2018 Kane

New Listing! Delta Direct

We’ve been really happy with how our move to Blockfolio Signals has been received, but we’ve been listening, and understand that many of you track your portfolios on other platforms, and as such feel a bit left out. Well feel left out no longer as Bulwark is now live on Delta Direct!

What can I expect to see on Delta Direct?

Thanks to the platform that Delta have created, users who have subscribed to Bulwark on the Delta application will be able to follow along with every tweet made by the Bulwark twitter, as well as any new blog posts added to our Medium page. Furthermore, we can make custom announcements, so expect us to use this feature to keep you up to date with any updates on the coin that you NEED to know about.

How do I subscribe to Bulwark?

Navigate to the Bulwark page, from either your watchlist or portfolio, swipe down to the “Direct” section of the page and enable “Notify me for each new BWK direct”.

For further customization options for Delta and Bulwark, you can go to the settings tab along the bottom of the app, and then view Notification Options to find your Direct settings.

Bulwark's Delta Direct feed. Subscribe here.

Bulwark’s Delta Direct feed. Subscribe here.

Delta Direct notification settings.

Delta Direct notification settings.






















Should I use Delta Direct or Blockfolio Signals?

The decision here is one of personal preference and comes down to which app you enjoy using the most. The content you receive will be much the same regardless of platform, so go out there and subscribe to us on either or both applications!

If you have any feedback for either platform, please let us know. We will do what we can to help ourselves, or forward it on the the developers themselves. To read more about Signals, see the below:


At Bulwark, we are continuing to branch out to every platform we can to ensure all eyes are on us. From new platforms such as,, BitChute, and InvestFeed, to established apps like Delta and Blockfolio, we are working to ensure that if you are involved in the crypto world, Bulwark is a name you know and a name you can rely on. This doesn’t mean to say we aren’t keeping up our rapid growth on traditional social media through Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

We’ll have more facts and figures for our marketing accomplishments in our up and coming 1 year anniversary post, so stay tuned for that, and rest assured that you will be notified of it’s release on both Delta and Blockfolio!

Thanks as always for reading #BulwarkGang, see you in our next post!

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