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May 14, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Development Update: May 14, 2018

*Bangs Keyboard*


Hey everyone, we just wanted to touch base on Bulwark’s development updates. Going forward we will be adding them to the blog so as much of our community as possible has access to them. This will be the first of many so be on the lookout for them! We have many exciting things in the pipeline and we will be sharing them as they come along! As most of you know, we will be moving to proof-of-stake soon and our developers are busy with the network and trying our hardest to break the testnet. We will have a mandatory wallet update very soon and will be announcing it accordingly.

The topics of discussion in this update will be the Bulwark Wallet, Bulwark Dashboard, Bulwark Explorer, Bulwark Documentation Portal, and the Website in no particular order. If you have any question, comments, or concerns we would love to hear them!

Join our discord ( https://discord.me/bulwarkcrypto )to live chat with the developers any time!

Thank you!


Bulwark Wallet

  • Start redesigning core wallet UI (QT Widgets)
  • Add additional buttons such as “Enable Staking”
  • Fix Multisend Dialogues
  • Fix Missing Icons

Bulwark Dashboard

Frontend Stack: React, Golang, Webpack, Yarn

  • Created Golang RPC
  • Connect and pull Bulwark RPC information
  • Initial commits and backend
  • Redesign with IBM Carbon UI & Bulwark mods

Bulwark Explorer

  • Added get masternode by address hash for API.
  • Improved Performance by removing duplicate shadows
  • Decreased line tension on statistics graphs
  • Fixed value issue with masternode graph

Bulwark Documentation Portal

Frontend Stack: NPM, Bootstrap, Jekyll, Webpack

  • Style Components based on bootstrap material guidelines
  • Add starting layout
  • Adding Initial documentation


  • Start work on storefront in preperation for Home Node sales
  • Construct payment Gateway for Bulwark payments
  • Added New Roadmap Items
  • Added New landing Hero (3d, neat)
  • Images and some files are now served through WPs CDN
  • Fixed a few style bugs Further Optimisations of delivery (e.g. condense requests to google servers into one string)
  • Added twitter feed to footer
  • Reduced size of pages
  • Added Initial T&C page, subject to change


  • Trialling new developers
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