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April 30, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

eMixologies Welcomes Bulwark as a Payment Option

Merchant adoption is something almost every cryptocurrency puts on their roadmap. For Bulwark, it is something that we expected of ourselves but never quite put a time frame on. Last week, we were browsing Reddit and found a post from an online vape shop named eMixologies.

It told the story of a family that had smoked for most of their lives and, after the owner finally made the switch to vaping, convinced the rest of their family to give it a try. None of them have integrationtouched cigarettes since.

This story resonated with us considering the majority of the Bulwark team are also former smokers turned vapers. We immediately went to show our support for their accepting of cryptocurrency with a sizeable order. Once ordered, the owner and the Bulwark Team got to talking. After discussing the importance of crypto adoption, we offered to have him research the Bulwark project and community. After doing his research, he was so impressed that he happily included Bulwark (the only microcap coin on the list, we might add) as a payment option for all hardware and fantastic juices they have available.

If this is something you’re interested in, we highly suggest you head on over to https://www.emixologies.com/, browse their selection, and select Bulwark as your payment option.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Once on the website, click the red button at the bottom right of the page to enjoy an immediate 10% discount.
  • Emixologies ships internationally for free on all orders above $160 CAD

We welcome the eMixologies team in supporting Bulwark and hope the Bulwark community can show them the support they deserve for being one of the first vape supply companies to widely accept cryptocurrency as payment!

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