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December 23, 2017 Bulwark Crypto

Frequently Asked Questions (Expanded)

Q: Where can I download the Bulwark wallet?

A: The Official Bulwark Github, https://github.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark/releases

Q: What Miner do I need for Bulwark?

A: Nvidia- CCMiner Alexis-78- https://github.com/nemosminer/ccminer-Alexis78/releasesAMD- SGMiner 5.6.1- https://github.com/nicehash/sgminer/releases/tag/5.6.1

Q: How do i set these miners up?

A: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@voxterra77/bulwark-mining-guide

Q: What is the block time, and how many blocks are there in a day?

A: The target block time is 90 seconds, which puts BWK at about 960 blocks per day.

Q: How long does Proof of Work/Mining last for?

A: This phase lasts for about 1 year, or until block 345,600.

Q: Is Bulwark just a fork of PIVX?

A: Bulwark is forked off of an older, more stable version of PIVX. We then hand patched it up to PIVX 2.3, and then backported code from Bitcoin 0.13 and DASH 12.1. More information will be available in the Whitepaper.

Q: How many coins for a Masternode, and how do I set one up?

A: 5000 BWK, Check out the pinned messages on #masternodes for a setup guide from our developer Stu.

Q: What is a shared Masternode, and how do I get in one?

A: Users can pool their funds to gather up the 5000 BWK required to operate a masternode. Shared masternodes are trust based and require that you trust the node operator not to take your funds. The Bulwark Team does not support or endorse any masternode operator and advises caution to anyone considering participating in a shared masternode group.

Q: What is Obfuscation?

A: Obfuscation is a privacy feature of Bulwark. Obfuscation works by mixing transactions, as directed by masternodes, and makes BWK fungible – washing coins of prior transaction history before securely and anonymously sending them onto their destination.

Q: Does it cost to “Start Obfuscation”?

A: It may cost a few cents worth of transaction fees, however, helping to obfuscate improves the privacy of our whole network for those who wish to use it and we highly encourage obfuscating your wallet.

Q: What is SwiftTX?

A: Masternodes are able to instantaneously validate and confirm transactions before they are added onto the blockchain. This allows for extremely fast transactions that do not require additional confirmations.

Q: 10% community fund!? What is this?!

A: This is a fund that is set aside as we hit Proof of Stake. Masternode operators will be able to vote on budget proposals and dictate fund allocation. This system is hard-coded and puts the future of Bulwark into the hands of the community and encourages engagement.

Q: How does this “See-Saw” system work?

A: If there are more coins locked up in Masternodes, this means that PoS will get a higher percentage of the coins. The opposite would be if there are more coins being staked than locked up in Masternodes, Masternodes would yield a higher percentage.

Q: How many coins can I mine per day?

A: One of our discord members set up a calculator that can give you a rough estimate on how many coins you can get based off of difficulty. http://bulwarkcalc.online/

Q: I am getting weird errors/crashes when opening up my wallet. What can I do?

A: First, check out the github issues to see if this problem has occured before. Linked here: https://github.com/bulwark-crypto/bulwark/issues.(edited)
Second, open up a “New Issue” and supply as much info as you can. Information supplied from the Debug document can help, which can be found in your “Appdata/Roaming/Bulwark” Folder.

Q: How can I attempt to troubleshoot these errors on my own? (Do so at your own risk)

A: Most issues can be solved by backing up your wallet.dat file located in “Appdata/Roaming/Bulwark”. After backing up, delete the Bulwark folder and then attempt to start up the wallet. If the wallet starts up successfully, wait until the wallet syncs and then close the wallet. Now copy and paste your backed up wallet.dat file back into “Appdata/Roaming/Bulwark”, restart the wallet and you should be all set.

Q: Does Bulwark plan to be listed on <Exchange> any time soon?

A: The Bulwark team is committed to the long-term health and stability of this project. Major exchanges want to see novel features and longevity from non-ICO coins prior to listing. Bulwark is focused on executing in both of those areas and we are not actively pursuing additional exchange listings at this time.(edited)

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