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Omni Analytics Group Assesses Bulwark Cryptocurrency


Bulwark recently won the Grand Championship title in MasternodeMeBro18, a community sentiment event that ran for four months and began with 64 competing masternode projects. Bulwark received many prizes, including access to a detailed report by Omni Analytics Group (one of the event organizers and an up-and-coming leader in masternode research). This post reveals highlights from Omni Analytics Group’s report on Bulwark Cryptocurrency.

Masternode Scorecard Highlights

The Omni Analytics Group team tracks masternode statistics and uses an internal ranking system to aggregate all of the information collected into reports. The team assessed 532 masternode coins and made the following observations on Bulwark:

  • Overall, Bulwark is ranked #19 out of all 532 Masternode coins.
  • Bulwark ranks in the top 10% of all Masternode coins in Github Score, Marketcap, and Twitter Score.
  • Bulwark ranks in the top 25% of all Masternode coins in Age of the Blockchain, Link Exchanges, Volume, and Whitepaper Score.

“It’s great seeing the Bulwark project doing well on paper. Although, it really is motivation to do better, address some of our shortcomings, and grow to become more relevant within the crypto space. Omni Analytics Group’s paper is a great resource for seeing where we stand at this point in time.”

Patrick, Bulwark Brand & Product Manager

Omni Analytics Group then ranked Bulwark “across eight masternode investment strategies that simulate selection procedures designed to optimize each objective.” These eight groups are: overall weight, minimize cost, minimize risk, balance risk & block reward, maximize block reward & risk, optimize past performance, getting started, and trust OAG (an Omni Analytics Group proprietary ranking component). Bulwark performance in each of these areas was rated, as you can see here:

Omni Analytics Group’s definition of the various masternode strategies is compelling in itself, but viewing Bulwark through the lens of different strategies reveals more areas of strength than weakness. Bulwark ranked #32 out of 532 in Overall Weight (masternode tokens with high scores across all metrics).

  • Bulwark scored in the top 10% in the Minimize Cost, Minimize Risk, and Trust OAG strategies.
  • Bulwark scored in the top 25% in Getting Started (weighting prioritizes coins with larger communities and less expensive masternodes).

Interestingly, Bulwark entered the MasternodeMeBro18 tournament under the Optimize Past Price Performance group and scored in the top 25% in this category. Omni Analytics Group describes: “this selection approach directs our focus towards coins with better past price performance with respect to both Bitcoin and the broader masternode population.”

Note: Maximize Block Reward and Risk – The riskiest coins that offer the highest ROI are favored under this scheme.

Masternode Strategy

Jack, Bulwark’s Marketing Director, describes the reasoning behind the project’s masternode strategy: “Masternodes were chosen largely for the fact that they can be used for unique features like instant transactions. They’re also a great way to earn rewards for investors who are interested in having a role securing the Bulwark network.”

Further, Bulwark’s Blockchain Developer, Stuart, explains that “masternodes were selected so Bulwark could build a decentralisation network. Plus, with the association of the SHN and the Router, we can have a strengthened networks without hotspots.”

“People will try to tell you that all the great opportunities have been snapped up. In reality, the world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions. Bulwark has this vision, so we strive to be different than others in the field and focus heavily on opensource privacy and hardware. Accordingly, we have many new products coming to light in 1st quarter 2019.”

Stuart, Bulwark Blockchain Developer

Ultimately, the Bulwark team found Omni Analytics Group’s analysis both enlightening and instructive. Our post only scratches the surface of the data provided by Omni Analytics Group, but we hope that it has revealed some objective evidence of Bulwark’s success. If you would like to see more of this in-depth report on Bulwark, visit for purchase details.

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