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February 6, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

RE: Recent Bulwark Blockchain Attack (February 2nd)


On Friday, February 2nd, 2018 there was an attempt to fork the Bulwark blockchain around block 57,599 via a public pool. There was a second fork that occured around block 58,930 and this time the attacker employed a private pool to carry out the fork attempt. During both attempts we worked closely with our major exchange partner, Cryptopia, to minimize risk to our community. At this time deposits and withdrawals at Cryptopia are disabled. This is a temporary, but extremely important, measure to avoid any double-spend attacks.


This attack began with a DDOS against our node seeders then proceeded with an attempt to fork the chain. We caught the initial attempt quickly, identified the pool the offending party utilized, and had them reindex. The blockchain re-consolidated after the initial attack, orphaning 30 blocks from the forked chain. The second attack took place via a private pool and we could not have the operator reindex their chain due to not knowing their identity. Since the attack the network has begun to adopt to the longest chain with the most hash power and BSOD, Umine, Masterhash, Poolr and PoolofD32th are all mining the same chain without orphans. The forked chain is still being mined by an unknown party, but has fallen significantly behind the main chain in blocks and hashpower.


We are working to release updated Windows, Linux, and Mac wallets to address this issue. This will be a mandatory update. We are also evaluating more significant measures to undertake if we continue to face malicious actors.

What you can do:

Please be prepared for a wallet update and plan to update your desktop wallets and any Masternode / VPS servers that you are operating. If you are worried that your desktop wallet, or Masternode, might be on the wrong chain you can use the getinfo and getblockhash commands in your console or cli wallets to compare your current block height and hash to any of our major pool partners.