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April 19, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Release: Bulwark Block Explorer


When Bulwark first launched, we utilized an open source block explorer that had given us a multitude of issues which lead to the explorer crashing frequently. After many nights attempting to debug and otherwise fix this explorer, we decided we were spending far too much time and attention towards fixing this. Our solution? Make our own block explorer so we could include all the accessibility and stability we needed with an aesthetically pleasing design we wanted. Thanks to the Bulwark community, we were able to successfully test and rework this block explorer in the beta phase into it’s finalized product. This block explorer is open source. Any other cryptocurrency project is welcome to fork and use it for their project. As with anything, all we ask is that proper attributions and open source laws are adhered to.

It is now online at explorer.bulwarkcrypto.com
View the source on GitHub



  • Totally re-imagined UI with user experience prioritized
  • Dashboard with widgets for essential information
  • Watch list for keeping track of specific addresses
  • Live feed of transactions
  • Mobile friendly elements and layout
  • Statistics page for charting hash, transactions, price and masternodes
  • Includes all  other features commonly expected from a Blockchain Explorer

Frontend Stack:

  • NodeJS
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • SASS
  • Webpack

The new frontend was built from the ground up. We have tried to picked the best modern web technologies so that the explorer will be functional and easily maintainable.


Future Plans

We do plan to keep adding features to our creation over time, and in the spirit of open source we welcome our users to contribute to the project.

Some features we did not add due to time constraints but have planned for the near future are:

  • Transaction Tree View
  • Masternode status & tracking with ROI charting
  • Cluster support for api

Feel free to make suggestions for features you’d like to see in the explorer here.


Bug Reporting

If you find any bugs we ask that you please report this to the development repo located at:



Thank you to the users who helped test and submitted bug reports during the beta phases.