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Development Timeline




Codebase Upgrades

The Bulwark Codebase is based on slightly older versions of various codebases. We are working hard to bring our Codebase up to more recent versions as part of our standardization initiatives.

Zerocoin Protocol

The Zerocoin protocol allows for users to mint zBWK in exchange for BWK and to transact that zBWK anonymously. Upon receipt of zBWK the receiver can convert it back into BWK. This allows for completely anonymous transactions.

Bulwark Design Framework

In order to tie our applications together visually and in the name of user accessibility in cryptocurrency we are constructing a design framework for all our current and future developments, some of which include new Bulwark wallets, A new explorer redesign, Mobile applications, and other web based tools & user interfaces. While this will be our own custom design we will be making the packages and component designs public for use within the open source community through NPM & GitHub for users to improve upon or implement in their own projects. We believe through doing this foundation work it will drastically speed up the development of future applications.



I2P Network Integration

We will be implementing the usage of I2P hosted nodes on the Bulwark network to help prepare for future developments while giving the end user the option of using this protocol.

I2P Masternode Hosting Script

An improvement upon the existing masternode and TOR installation scripts to allow end users to quickly and easily install a masternode with I2P Routing.

Masternode Containerization

An option we will be developing to allow MN hosting within a container. The benefits of this include not requiring dependency installation and updating, easier maintenance, and not limiting the user to certain versions of Ubuntu.

Aegis Hardware Wallet Prototyping

Research and development of a prototype hardware wallet, Aegis.

Citadel Home Router Prototyping

Research and development of a prototype home router, Citadel.

New Bulwark Wallet

A new ground up wallet built for Bulwark that will provide a number of improvements and innovations not easily accessible in qt wallets.

Bulwark Mobile Wallet

An official mobile wallet for Bulwark. Will include custom design elements unique to the crypto space and will be submitted to be added to the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iOS App Store.

Explorer Redesign

To go along with our new Bulwark Wallet and Bulwark Mobile Wallet, we will be redesigning our Official Explorer with new features and a new design.

Development Timeline




Business Incorporation

Bulwark will begin arrangements to establish a professional business presence and organization. This will serve as both a means to legitimize ourselves professionally while also allowing us to properly hire and pay salaries for new and existing employees.

Team Expansion

Beginning in Q1 2019 we will be aggressively expanding our team to meet the needs of development going forward.

Bastion Exchange Launch

We will be developing and launching our own cryptocurrency exchange, Bastion. This will be a centralized exchange with the express purpose of applying the Bulwark work ethic to the exchange world. The exchange will include Bulwark pairings for all listings along with a modular design.

Aegis Hardware Wallet Manufacturing and Release

Upon completion of the prototyping phase we will begin manufacturing Bulwark Aegis Hardware Wallets in preparation of launch, sale, and distribution.


Secure Home Node 2: Valentino

The Secure Home Node was the beginning of our classification as a hardware development currency. While the software will always be open source and updated we will be making a Limited Edition version 2 codename Valentino, and auctioning them for our biggest fans!


Citadel Home Router Manufacturing and Release

Upon completion of the prototyping phase we will begin manufacturing the Bulwark Citadel Home Router in preparation of launch, sale, and distribution.

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