May 21, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

The Bulwark Secure Home Node


Bulwark is excited to launch the Secure Home Node, a turn-key solution for securely hosting masternodes on your home network. The Secure Home Node routes traffic over The Onion Router (TOR) to provide a high level of anonymity and security to node operators.

This exciting project makes operating a Bulwark masternode accessible to every level of user and helps serve our mission of expanding Bulwark’s reach and market penetration. Reflecting our focus on the space and a desire to meaningfully contribute, we are offering a series of 100 robustly equipped Secure Home Nodes for sale. 10 numbered kits will be auctioned, 90 kits will be sold via the website.

True to the Bulwark Project’s goals, the Secure Home Node is entirely Open Source. From the Raspbian OS that it’s built on and all the scripting and software used to route all of the Home Nodes traffic over the TOR Network, all of the software involved will be freely available for you to download on our Official Github under the MIT license if you do not want to buy a kit.

Home Node Kit Contents

Each kit will include:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • Custom Case
  • 32gb Micro SD flashed with Raspbian Stretch Lite
  • Official Universal Power Adapter
  • Micro SD to SD Adapter

Parts the user will need:

  • USB Keyboard*
  • Display with HDMI input*
  • Ethernet Cable*
  • A stable internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet)
    *temporary items


We are aggressively pricing the Secure Home Node at the equivalent of $100 USD only payable with BWK. These are being sold below cost and therefore are not a for profit endeavor.

The Secure Home Node requires a stable internet connection and a nearby power outlet to operate optimally and we are selling the hardware only – these secure home nodes do not include the 5000 BWK collateral required to operate a masternode.


The auction of 10 limited edition numbered Home Nodes will be split across Saturday/Sunday May 26th and 27th, starting at 3pm UTC

Where to Purchase

Release date of the remaining 90 Home Nodes for sale will be Wednesday May 30th. You will be able to purchase the Secure Home Node Kit directly from our Website, we will announce on our social media and instant messaging channels when the store is live.

Additional Features & Future Development

We will be porting and modifying BTCnDASH, a GUI originally developed to monitor the status of Bitcoin and Dash nodes. That will make it easier for those who are not familiar with Linux, or those who simply want a better looking interface than a command line, to monitor things like Bandwidth usage, block height, difficulty, and other useful statistics. The Bulwark SHN-DASH will be available on GitHub.

We have several ongoing add-ons in development for the Secure Home Node. We plan on implementing the ability to stake your Bulwark on your Secure Home Node when Bulwark moves to Proof of Stake. We are also planning on implementing support for I2P protocols so that users will not be limited to the TOR network. And as with any piece of open source material, the community using it is free to develop anything they want for it!

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