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June 1, 2018 Bulwark Crypto

Upcoming PoS Schedule: What to Expect

As we get closer to the update, we wanted to give everybody a sense for what is going to be happening over the next few weeks. On block 172800, we will have our quarterly reward decrease. While the best we can do is approximate the date this will happen, it is set to occur 8.37 days from the time of this post, approximately June 9th/10th. We plan on releasing the new wallet update shortly after this occurs.

Once released, everyone will be required to update their wallets as well as their masternodes to the latest version. We will be updating our script so that masternode operators can login to their VPS and copy/paste a single command to update their node. We will then be immediately contacting exchanges and pool operators to update their wallets as well. Should anybody ignore the update, know that your wallet will simply just stop working as we pass over into PoS, so please follow directions.

We’ve tested the PoS changeover over half a dozen times and made a number of improvements to the process to make it as painless and bug free as possible. If all goes well, we should pass over into PoS on block 182700 with no issues. If an issue does arise, we may need to institute a slight rollback along with a new update. Hopefully this won’t be required, it is more of a last resort. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting us so far.

Once we pass over into PoS and do not need to keep a watchful eye out for nicehash attacks on our network, we’ll really be able to ramp up development on the project in the areas we want to improve and work on without having to concern ourselves with network maintenance as much.