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December 11, 2017 Bulwark Crypto

Using GitHub To Report Bugs Or Request Features

In an effort to continue to consistently improve the usability of Bulwark, please make use of our GitHub for bug reporting or feature requests.  This will ensure that we can prioritize, organize, delegate, and ultimately improve the Bulwark experience.


Just click the  button in the issues tab in our repository if you have a bug, feature, or technical question.

  • Bugs 
    • daemon – The wallet daemon
    • QT – QT wallet
    • annoyance – A small UI quirk, typo, or anything that doesn’t effect core functionality
    • Linux|Windows|Mac – Issues relating to Bulwark on these platforms.
  • Feature Requests 
    • ecosystem – Anything that supports Bulwark (APIs, scripting, front/back-ends, eCommerce applications)
    • enhancements – Feature requests or expanding present features.
    • question – Any technical questions, specifications, or miscellaneous information requests.
  • Contributing to Bulwark 
    • help wanted – Items tagged with help wanted will often be more general or larger scale than standard bug fixes.  We can discuss in Git comments the scope and scale of these projects, potential rewards, and action necessary.  These tags will generally either become a branch or an actual project.
    • good first issue – Items tagged with this will be less technical in nature and usually tasks, graphical design, documentation editing, or “prettying” existing work
    • community effort – Issues with this tag require the effort of the community as a whole.

PR Bounties 

Anything tagged or re-tagged with “bounty” are issues that are open to collect a bounty payable in BWK in return for a pull request that gets merged into mainline. Keep in mind it must completely satisfy either the bug or the feature request/enhancement, not introduce any new bugs, and properly keeps with the “spirit” of the component being worked on.

Bounties will range from fractional amounts for simple “misplaced white space” type issues to larger amounts that will require a larger time investment.   I’ll get a more established rubric for bounties as time goes on.

PR Bounties Rules And Guidelines

  • Before submitting a pull request, please ensure you’ve taken steps to properly test what you’re submitting.
  • Don’t attempt to create a problem to solve that wasn’t a problem in the first place.
  • Please communicate publicly unless it’s necessary — it’s very helpful for the public record to have real time analysis discussion or organic streams of consciousness.  You never know when a seemingly humdrum dialog might be just what someone else — perhaps even years later — is working on themselves.
  • If you’re working on an issue, please state that are you indeed working on it.  Multiple PR for the same issue will be evaluated on efficacy.

Bug Bounties

If you submit an issue and want to apply for a bug bounty, please make sure the issue is reliably reproducible and is actually legitimately a bug rather than accepted historical behavior or a personal preference.  Save any relevant logs, screen captures, a very detailed description of what triggered the issue, and then attempt to reproduce it.  Extra legwork taken will be taken into consideration for any bug bounties.  Please place your Bulwark address in the footer of the comment that includes items of relevance and if I can reproduce it and I elevate the status of the issue, I will send a reward to your BWK address.